Rökbastu Rökbastu
  • Do your research and check if the hospital where you are giving birth knows how to support the perineum during delivery
  • Investigate how many percent of the women delivering at your hospital have had a grade 3 or 4 tear. There are large differences between hospitals and delivery wards in your country
  • Write down your thoughts and wishes. Ask the health personnel if they know how to support the perineum. If you can, choose a midwife that masters this
  • Remember that standing positions (standing on your knees, squatting, standing up) increase the risk of a grade 3 and 4 tear. The low birthing chairs also increases the risk for these tears. The midwife does not have a view of the perineum in these positions and cannot support the perineum optimally
  • Delivery in water increases the risk of grade 3 and 4 tears.
  • You can choose whatever position you like as long as the head of the fetus is in the opening of the vagina and is not drawn back. You should prefer a semi-recumbent, on the side, or on your back on a delivery bed. The midwife can then see the perineum, have continuous contact with you, and you can have an interaction with the midwife. She can also estimate if there is a need for a lateral episiotomy.