• 300 000 women have anal incontinence in Sweden today.
  • The bigger the damage the larger the complications are afterwards.
  • Up to 50% of the women have anal incontinence (gas or stool incontinence) despite having had a adequate primary surgery.
  • Long-term results are missing.
  • The incidence and complications of anal incontinence increases with age. It becomes more common after menopause. 


Every women’s clinic should give information and advice on what you should do after a grade 3 or 4 tear. The most important: 

Time for a revisit. Where/when?

  • Usually after 6 to 8 weeks after the delivery. A regular gynecology examination will be done and a simple examination  to control function of the anal muscles.
  • If you have any serious complains a referral will be made to a colorectal surgeon. 

Pelvic floor exercises. Possibly a visit to a physiotherapist?

Contact health personnel if you have problems after the delivery!

  • It is important that you know whom to contact if you have problems. Problems can emerge long after the delivery.