Our method is built on four points:

Communication and cooperation between the delivering woman and the accoucheur

Delivery position during the last minutes of the second stage of delivery that will give a good view of the perineum

An adequate support of the perineum

A correct episiotomy on indication

We have a long and broad experience in educating and supervising midwives and doctors in prevention of grade 3 and 4 tears. Delivery wards have decreased serious tears during delivery after implementing our method. Results, read our publications.

Do you also wish to improve your personnel’s skills and competence in preventing serious tears then we offer lectures and an individual supervision after your needs.

Our ambition is that more women want and dare to give birth vaginally and that they do not need to be scared of having a serious tear. Since the 16th and 17th century the support of the perineum has been one of the most important tasks of a midwife. We want to preserve this valuable knowledge in the future as well.